Starring: Cassandra Scerbo (Sharknado) & Tony Todd (Candyman)

Synopsis: An agoraphobic, Faye, just inherited a remote house in the Florida Keys from her estranged father. Faye has not been in the house since her mother disappeared when she was very young. After that, Faye’s father abandoned her in a boarding school, and she never went anywhere else. Isolated, Faye developed agoraphobia and has been unable to leave her home for years. The new house has large windows that will expose her to the outside slowly so that she can overcome her phobia and lead a normal life.

However, almost immediately, Faye senses there is someone in the house with her. Things are moved from where she left them; the stereo is playing her dead father’s favorite song; and the doors to the outside keep opening by themselves, triggering her panic attacks. Is her psychological condition deteriorating so that she is imagining things or is there really a ghost in the house?

When her husband, Tom, has to be away for work, Faye is more positive than ever that there is something evil trapped inside with her. Everyone think that Faye’s condition is getting worse, and she is exhibiting new symptoms.

Faye is determined to prove to everyone that she is not crazy. Can she stop the ghost before it kills her or her loved ones? Or will her doctor declare her insane and have her committed to an institution before she can prove that there is someone, or something, trapped inside the house with her?