Two brothers, an apple farmer and a priest, live next to each other as neighbors. Unfortunately, they can’t get along very well. The priest is fed up with his peasant brother and his ugly apple orchard, dropping thousands of rotten apples in his neat little graveyard. The farmer is a gawky fellow, drunk on homemade cider, and deeply unhappy. The apple trees are rotten and the apples full of worms. He is bankrupt, desperate and loathed upon by his heartless brother.

One stormy night the farmer hangs himself from the branch of one of his apple trees. At that very moment we meet Aber, a homeless worm, desperately seeking for shelter from the rain and thunder. All apples appear to be occupied by worms. Nobody let’s him in, not even his brother Crombie. Suddenly Aber discovers the dead farmer, dangling between the branches like a huge apple. Delighted with his new, spacious house Aber crawls inside the corpse.

Soon Aber discovers he has full control over the farmer’s dead body, just by shouting commands. A movable house, great fun! After some practice Aber yells ‘Hands up!’ and the hands of the dead farmer shoot up from the grave…

Strolling around the churchyard in his ‘mobile home’ Aber discovers the priest has cut down all apple trees. He is shocked, and starts searching for his family: The dead farmer comes knocking on the priests door, and horrifyingly funny events unfold.

The secret of zombiedom. Now you know. Us worms control the brain of the dead. And when you’re old and you have to go, we are the voice inside your head…

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